5 Possible Culprits Causing Your Sluggish Kitchen Sink Drain

Posted on: 18 December 2014

If your kitchen sink drain is getting sluggish, you might be able to resolve the immediate problem with a commercial drain cleaner. If not, a plumber can fix it. However, that clogged drain is probably a warning sign that you're allowing substances to go down the pipe that are best kept out of it. Consider whether certain food components, beverages or even hair may be to blame.

Cooking Grease and Oil

You and other people in your household may not actually pour large amounts of cooking grease and oil down the sink drain. However, if you're washing greasy pans and dishes in the sink without wiping away the grease first, that can cause problems. Some of this oily substance may build up along the interior of the pipe; when you run cold water down the drain, that grease solidifies. 

Salad Dressing

The salad dressing bottle is almost empty. Do you flush out what's left and pour it all down the drain? Since most salad dressings have some level of oil content, this is another action that can eventually lead to a buildup of hardened grease on the inside of the pipes.

Dairy Products

The milk went past its expiration date and took on an unpleasant odor. Perhaps it's an automatic reaction to dump it down the sink drain. You may never consider that milk contains fat. Even skim milk contains a small amount of fat that can eventually cause problems in a drain pipe.

Many people dump the dregs of their cereal's milk down the kitchen sink drain on a daily basis. Similar issues are connected with dumping old ice cream or yogurt in the sink, letting it liquefy and flow down the drain. 

Coffee Grounds

If you have a French press or another coffeemaker that doesn't use throwaway filters, it may be tempting to rinse the grounds out and down the drain. However, they can get stuck in the pipe and lead to a big clog that's difficult to break down. 


If anybody in your household washes his or her hair in the kitchen sink, it's important to trap the hair and not let it flush away. Even a few stray hairs here and there can eventually clog a sink drain. 

What Can You Do With Everything?

You may not be able to eliminate every bit of these items from the drain. Nevertheless, you can substantially limit the residue by wiping out containers with paper towels before rinsing them in the sink. Items such as expired yogurt can go in a plastic bag in the garbage. Even better, be more conscientious about using up all the foods and beverages before their expiration date. With a commitment to keeping your drains clear, you can avoid having to deal with clogged pipes. 


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