3 Tips When Buying Signs For Your Small Business

Posted on: 9 January 2015

If you own a small business, signs are a great form of advertising. They are also useful inside your business. Below are three tips that will help you choose the best signs, such as choosing the type, materials used, and designing the sign.

Types of Business Signs

The first thing you need to do is decide on the type of sign you want to use. You can choose them to be used indoor and outdoor. Outdoor signs are typically used to direct people to your business, and for advertising purposes. You can install your sign on the rooftop of your business, awnings, walls, standing alone outside your business, banners, and even display signs on the sides of trucks or cars.

If you chose indoor signs, they are typically attached to the walls or hung from your ceilings. They are usually used to direct people visiting your company, as well as in the reception area.

Materials Used

You have different materials and types of lettering to choose from. The lettering may be made from adhesive vinyl, foam core, plastic, wood, and metal. You can also chose to have engraved or painted lettering. Consider the color of lettering you want to use for your signs.

The materials used for the backing on signs come in different levels of quality. These materials include

  • Cloth
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Aluminum

You can also choose a mixture of materials, if you prefer. You should also consider the durability of the signs. Ask the sign company about warranties on the materials they use.

Sign Designs

The signs you choose need to be creative and long lasting. Consider the distance of the sign so they are easily visible. You also need to think about the time of day, as you will need lighting if you want your sign displayed at night. The height of the sign is also a factor. Low signs are typically better when placed in town. Tall signs should be used on highways or freeways.

You also have to consider the colors used. For example, white lettering against a dark background. Use your company's logo on the sign. Think about marketing materials you use, your website, blog, etc. You can use the same font, coloring, or include visual elements, such as lines and swooshes.

Remember, however, that simplicity is important. Do not put so much on the sign that it takes away from the message and brand you are conveying. Make sure there is enough white space so people can easily see your logo and other information. If you have many graphics, too much coloring, etc., your sign can be difficult to read.

Before you start designing your sign, there may be regulations in your town about the size and type of outdoor sign you can use. For example, there are zoning laws that may prevent you from putting your sign up where you want. The sign company you hire, one like Cardinal Sign, should understand these local regulations.


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