Three Choices You Have For An Alternative Septic System For Your Home

Posted on: 29 January 2015

If your property has a high water table or poor soil, you may not be able to have a conventional septic system installed. A conventional septic system has a tank where solid waste sinks to the bottom and liquid waste leave the top to filter through the top soil. With some soil conditions, this is not possible because the wastewater can contaminate the groundwater. This is when an alternative septic system is need, which you have a few choices of. Here are three of the choices you have if you need to have an alternative waste treatment system installed for your home:

1. Multiple Tank Systems

If the needs of your septic system are minimal, you may be able to have a multiple tank system installed. This is like a conventional septic system, but with a series of tanks that treat the waste before it enters the drain field. These systems work like conventional systems where the bacteria growth in the system breaks down waste before it enters the drain field to be filtered through the soil.

2. Chemical Treated Systems

Another type of septic system is a chemically treated system. This is a system where chlorine or other chemicals are used to treat the waste before it enters the drain field. It may be combined with a UV treatment system, where ultraviolet light is also used to break down the waste. The wastewater in these systems is almost completely treated before it exits the system. This is a system that can be used in locations with poor soil quality, where it is still possible to have a drain field installed and an aerobic system is not needed.

3. Aerobic Septic Treatment Systems

An aerobic septic system is an alternative septic system where there are a series of tanks that act much like a miniature sewage treatment plant. They can be used in areas where conventional septic systems cannot be used, but can be costly to have installed and will need frequent maintenance to keep them working properly. Air may be used to circulate the water and help promote bacteria growth that break up waste. These systems are often used where it is not possible to have any type of drain field installed.

These are a few of the options you have when a conventional septic system cannot be installed for your home. If you need help deciding what system will be right for you, contact a professional septic service like Speedy Rooter and ask them about these options.


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