How Keyless Locks Can Work For Your Business & The Cost To Get Them Installed

Posted on: 4 February 2015

Do you have employees that constantly lose keys to your building? You may want to consider investing in keyless locks to resolve the problem, and there are many other benefits to go along with it. Find out what kind of locks an industrial locksmith can install to get rid of the issue of employees losing keys:

What Kind of Keyless Locks Can a Locksmith Install?

One of the most secure types of locks that you can invest in for your business is a deadbolt. There are deadbolt locks available that does not require that a key is used. A locksmith will be able to install one that has a locking system that only requires a code to be used to open the door.

The keyless deadbolt lock will contain a keypad with multiple numbers on it to give you the ability to switch up the variation of coding as often as needed. For instance, if an employee is fired and you no longer want him or her having access to your building, you can simply change the code.

There are also keyless locks that have coded number pads and electronic car swiping technology. It is like investing in two different types of locks in one. The only thing about an electronic card locking system is that your employees can misplace the cards just like keys.

However, the electronic cards are more efficient than keys because you can easily activate new cards when they are misplaced. You can also deactivate cards when employees quit or are fired.

How Much Does It Cost for a Locksmith to Install New Locks?

The cost to hire a locksmith will depend on how many locks are being installed. You will have to pay for each lock, which can cost an average of $18 for a combination lock that is coded. The locksmith will also charge you a labor fee for installing the locks, which can cost an estimate of $50 per hour. However, your total expense will depend on who is hired and the quality of locking system you want.

Make sure your business is secure without the headache of dealing with replacing lost keys. Keyless locks are available in many different models and a high quality of technology. Contact an industrial locksmith or a company like Vista Lock & Safe Co. to discuss your options and get your business secured with the best locking systems that are within your budget so you can say goodbye to keys.


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