Pros And Cons Of Urethane Auto Paint

Posted on: 12 February 2015

Urethane auto paint is one of many types of acrylic paints that can be used to paint your car. You should first be aware that in some states, you can't use this product on your own, as it may be illegal. If it is legal to use in your state, always read the directions on the label and follow the manufacturer's instructions for applying it safely. Here are some of the pros and cons of choosing urethane auto paint.

Pro: It can be sprayed over other car paint

One of the major benefits to urethane auto paint is that it can be sprayed over most other car paints, including other acrylic paints like lacquer. This can simplify the auto paint process since you don't have to strip off the old paint before spraying it on. However, keep in mind that while it can be sprayed over other paint, you can't spray other paint on top of urethane.

Con: It is more expensive

There are many advantages to choosing urethane paint, but one of the top disadvantages is that it is more expensive. You are getting a paint that lasts longer and is less prone to damage, but you are also paying for these benefits. Expect to pay more to purchase the paint. It might also be more difficult finding the paint at your local auto supply store due to its sensitive nature.

Pro: It lasts a long time

Urethane is one of the longest-lasting auto paints around. While other acrylic paint might only last half a decade, your urethane paint job can last a decade more. If you decide to get it done professionally, it will last even longer, because the paint job will be done flawlessly with the correct number of coats and sealant if they feel it is needed.

Con: It is toxic

Urethane is a toxic type of auto paint, which is why some states don't allow you to apply it yourself. If you use urethane, you must protect yourself with eye goggles, gloves, and an air respirator mask. If you don't feel comfortable using a toxic paint for your car, have a professional auto body shop like Space Age Auto Paint Store handle this paint job for you.

Pro: It is resistant to fading and chipping

One of the reasons that urethane lasts such a long time is that the paint is naturally resistant to fading and chipping. Even if you have your car in the sun a lot of the time, the paint color won't fade as quickly or easily as other types of car paint. You also don't need to deal with chipping or cracking of the paint quite as often.


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