3 Security Add-Ons For Temporary Fences

Posted on: 26 February 2015

Whether you are in the process of building a home for yourself and your family on property that you own or are the manager of a commercial construction project, you're probably already aware that construction sites of any type are attractive to vandals and thieves. Many of the materials are worth money on the open market, making stealing from construction sites an appealing way for criminal types to make a few fast bucks. Temporary fencing provides an excellent way to keep vandals and thieves off the property. If the construction is located in an area that has a high degree of property crime, you can further enhance the security of your construction site with the following three add-ons.

Barbed Wire

Three strands of barbed wire on the top of the fence will deter even the most determined thieves and vandals from accessing your construction site by scaling the fence. Standard, double strand 12-gauge barbed wire is generally sufficient for this purpose. It sends a strong visual message to potential intruders that you take security issues seriously. Your temporary fence rental company will be able to provide you with barbed wire that is resistant to wire cutting devices.

Top Rails

Requesting a top rail add-on will provide your temporary fence with the look of a permanent one, providing a psychological barrier to intrusions -- people simply think of temporary fences as being less stable than their permanent counterpart, even though advances in temporary fencing construction render this conclusion false. Top rails provide more than visual confirmation of the stability of the fence, however -- they prevent easy access by making the fence impossible to bend. This is probably the best alternative for residential construction sites located in relatively low crime areas.

Tension Wire

Tension wire is another deterrent to neighborhood thieves and vandals. It runs along the bottom of chain link fences and provides the fence line with added stability, preventing it from sagging or being easily bent. Smooth tension wire is generally used for residential fencing, while most construction site managers prefer to use 7 gauge crimped tension wire. However, there are no hard and fast rules concerning what type of tension wire you should use -- the company that you rent the fence from will be able to advise you on what will work best for your particular situation.

Most people who opt for security add-ons for temporary fence rentals use a customized combination of the above to suit their specific needs.


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