Taking Green Roofs To A Whole New Level: Commercial Roofing That Goes Beyond Recycled Materials

Posted on: 1 April 2015

Grass and trees in large cities are at a premium, unless you live very close to a park. Even then, everything green does not belong to your business, but to the city. When you decide to replace your commercial roofing, and you want a green roof, consider the following possibility. You will not only own a little patch of green, but you will also be helping the environment and the air quality of your city.

Roofs Become Gardens and Parks

Some major corporations install running tracks on the roofs of their commercial buildings to encourage health and wellness in their employees. While that may be a great idea, it is not so good if the air quality is harmful to everyone's lungs. Breathing in thick smog while attempting to jog just does not seem to be a healthy choice. However, converting your rooftop to a place where trees, grass, flowers, and maybe even a vegetable garden grow is a healthy alternative. All of that greenery digests the emissions from vehicles in the city, and it gives your employees somewhere to go on their breaks that is peaceful and pleasant.

Removing Old Asphalt and Exchanging It for Dirt

As your green roofing contractor pulls up asphalt from your commercial flat roof, he or she replaces it with layers of dirt, turf, river rock, and vegetation. Many businesses opt for sod because it is the easiest and cheapest to install, but you could hire a landscaper to install flowers, bushes and potted trees too. If you start with the sod, you can change the landscape at any time. 

Benefits of Vegetative Roofs

Asphalt draws heat because all things black absorb more of it. Because of this fact, dozens of flat asphalt roofs in your city make it hotter and more uncomfortable. When vegetative green roofs are installed, the dirt and vegetation cool the rooftops. By installing this kind of green roof, you are

  • Decreasing carbon dioxide because plants breathe it in 
  • Decreasing heat in the city because plants use warmth and sunlight for the photosynthesis process and keep things cool
  • Decreasing waste water and city sewer expenses by utilizing rain water to help the vegetation grow

It also helps keep the temperature consistent inside your business's building, reducing your monthly energy expenses.

Living and Working in a Major Metropolitan Area

Because this type of roof has become so popular with tenants and businesses alike, you should have no problem finding a contractor that constructs green, vegetative roofs. It is one of the best things about living in a major metropolitan area. You can always find the right commercial roofing contractor for the construction project you need. 


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