Custom Glass: 4 Additions To Make Your House Pop

Posted on: 1 June 2015

When you think of glass, you may think of the glasses you drink out of, your mirror, or the windows in your home. But glass can be much more than simply something that lets the sun in and keeps the bugs out. Glass can be customized to give your home a truly unique touch. Here are some ways that you can use custom glass to make your home into a beautiful sanctuary. 

Home Décor 

You can find accents for your home made of glass that can provide a fancy or simple touch. A simple glass bottle that has been customized with shells or made into a candleholder is a simple touch that can tie a rustic kitchen together. On the other hand, custom glass lamps or a figurine of an owl can add a classy touch to any bedroom. 

Garden Accessories 

Glass accessories can really make your garden sparkle. Add colored orbs among the flowers for a mystical look, or you may want to add a small water fountain with glass birds. You might want to partition flowerbeds with small glass dividers or place a small, stained glass gate at the beginning of the path through your garden. Whatever you can imagine, you can do with customized glass. 

Add Some Modern Stairs

Stairs can be made of glass. It may sound surprising, but non-slip glass can be used to create a staircase that helps modernize your home. You may choose stairs may be that have iron rails and glass steps, or you can simply have glass railings installed with the stairs you already have. Glass stairs and railings help open up your home and allow more light into the space. Choose your favorite colors and styles to create a staircase that really makes your home your own. 

Make Your Lights Pop 

You can add personality to any room by using customized glass light fixtures through a company like Sound Glass Sales, Inc. Use blue glass fixtures to provide a soothing feel to a room or use several colors to bring a sense of fun to a game room. You can have glass fixtures that are flowers, cubes, or anything else you can think of. You can even have pictures etched onto the fixtures, to help them better match the theme of the room.

Whether you choose to use glass as simple accents, or decide to redo an entire wall in stained glass, the options for decorating your home are limitless. 


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