3 Ways To Protect Your Lawn From Your Dumpster Rental

Posted on: 15 June 2015

To make cleaning easier during your home renovation, you might be thinking about renting a dumpster for your construction crew to use. Unfortunately, if you need to use your driveway and the city doesn't allow homeowners to put dumpsters on the street, you might have to park that heavy trash bin on your front lawn.

Here are three way to protect your lawn from your dumpster rental, so that you don't have to deal with sod damage when you are finished fixing up your house:

1: Put Down Boards

To make it easier for waste management companies to pick up and haul away packed dumpsters, most bins have metal feet in each corner of the underside of the bin. Unfortunately, as your dumpster is filled with heavy debris like drywall scraps and old cabinets, those feet can dig into your sod—destroying the area. After the bin has burrowed its feet into your grass, you might be left with the permanent, muddy imprints where your bin once stood.

Fortunately, you might be able to avoid trouble by placing wooden planks underneath these feet when your dumpster is placed. These boards distribute the weight more evenly, so that your sod doesn't take a hit during your renovation.

2: Place It Near A Walking Path

During your renovation, construction workers will travel to and from your dumpster hundreds of times. Unfortunately, every time they walk out to that bin, they might trek through the same path in your grass, creating unsightly wear and traffic patterns.

To avoid trouble, try to have your dumpster placed near a concrete or gravel walking path, such as a sidewalk or stepping stones. Instead of damaging your grass, workers can use the existing pathways that are already there.  

3: Turn Off Your Sprinklers and Garden Hose

The wetter the area, the easier it might be for your dumpster to sink into your lawn or workers to mold a permanent path into your lawn. To avoid trouble, turn off your sprinklers and disconnect the garden hose. In addition to keeping your construction materials dry, you might also be able to keep workers from using your front hose as a drinking fountain. If you are worried about your grass turning brown, you shouldn't be. Simply water your grass after work is done for the day, so that water can drain away before the next morning.

It might seem like an extra chore, but taking the time to protect your lawn might save you from a lot of work later. To learn more, contact a company like Metropolis Disposal with any questions you have.


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