Preventing Workplace Falls: Tips On Improving Office Safety

Posted on: 25 June 2015

Falls are one of the leading causes of workplace injuries every year. This is especially true at locations that require frequent climbing of stairs or ladders, working at great heights on scaffolds or even working on concrete floors that may become slick when spills occur. Fortunately, there are different steps that can be taken to reduce the number of falls that occur. These are some tips that can make the workplace a safer environment:

Wet Floor Safety 

Even the slightest spill on a concrete floor can turn it into a dangerous fall hazard. If spills occur, they should be cleaned up immediately and wet floor signs should be displayed in the area until the floor dries thoroughly. If the floors are sprayed clean frequently, the area should be closed off until they are safe and dry.

Rubber mats should be placed on the inside of doorways where rain and snow may blow in and make the floor slick. The underside of these mats will adhere to the concrete floor and remain in place. This also gives those who enter an area to wipe their feet as they come inside the building.

Keep Walkways Clear and Lighted 

Areas of a workplace where employees or customers frequently travel should be kept free of debris and well lit. For instance, store aisles should not be cluttered up with items that are for sale. These should always be displayed away from walkways where people could stumble over them.

Proper lighting is also important for preventing falls. If the workplace is a dark factory, falls are more likely to occur. Regardless of what kind of company the workplace is, there should always be clear visibility for everyone who is inside the building.

Climbing Safely

If the duties at the workplace require frequent climbing, only use ladders that have adequate safety features. These ladders lock in place securely and are less likely to flip while you are climbing. Pay close attention to the weight limits on a ladder. If you weigh more than the ladder can hold, do not attempt to climb it. Never lean to the sides when using a ladder because this can cause it to fall over quickly.

Stairs in a workplace should always have a fall proof rubberized cover on each step. Walk at your normal pace when going up or down stairs. Never attempt to run on stairs. Stairs should never have broken or busted steps and should be equipped with a handrail on one side going from top to bottom.

Wear Slip-Resistant Shoes 

Many companies require all employees to wear slip-resistant shoes. This reduces the number of falls that occur because these shoes do not slip on either wet or dry floors. Be sure to wear these shoes every time you go to work.

Preventing falls in the workplace is beneficial to both the employee and the employer. Taking these safety precautions can greatly reduce the number of injuries that occur, time off from work and workers compensation claims that must be filed. Contact a company like Public Works Supply to learn more.


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