Three Alternatives To Conventional HVAC To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Posted on: 10 August 2015

If you want your home to be cool, but do not want to have a conventional AC system installed, there are several alternatives that you may want to consider. Compact systems with high velocity ducts can be used, or you may want to consider ductless systems or evaporative coolers. Here are some of the alternatives that you may want to consider to add cooling to your home:

1. Renovations With A Compact Duct AC System

If you are adding an AC to an older home, installing ductwork can be a problem. You will have to find space for ducts and mechanical systems. An alternative is to use an air conditioner with a compact duct design. These systems use small tubes that can be installed in any wall cavity and distribute the cooling at high velocity. These systems help to keep the humidity down, which can make your home, feel comfortable at higher temperatures, saving you money.

2. Ductless Air Conditioning For Reduced Installation Costs 

Another option to add AC to your home is to install a ductless system. These systems do not have the ductwork, which can reduce the cost of installation. They are an ideal solution for small homes with radiant heating.  If you need more capacity, split systems can also be installed to create a zoned air conditioning design for your home.  If you have a basement, you can even use a ductless AC system to separate cooling here from the rest of your home to help reduce energy consumption.

3. Evaporative Coolers For An Energy Efficient Cooling Solution In Dry Climates

If you live in a dry climate, another type of system can help provide you with the cooling you need. Evaporative coolers are different from air conditioning, but can provide you with an energy efficient cooling solution. This system will work with water and evaporation, which cools air as it passes through a filter. Evaporative coolers can use substantially less energy than a conventional HVAC system. These systems will not work well in areas with high humidity, but they can be great for areas with dry weather. The coolers can even be roof-mounted systems with ductwork to distribute the cool air throughout your home.

These systems can provide you with an alternative way to cool your home. If you want one of these systems, contact an air conditioning contractor and talk with them about the system that is best for the needs of your home and the climate where you live.


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