How To Remove Carpet And Tack Strips

Posted on: 4 December 2015

If you are looking for a smart home remodel on a limited budget, you might want to think about new carpet. Installing new carpet should probably be done by professional carpet contractors. However, this does not mean there are several ways to make the job quicker and more affordable. For example, you can reduce the labor costs by removing the existing carpet by yourself. This article explains how to do it, and what tools are necessary.

Removing the Carpet

Removing the carpet is basic, but can be tiring. Wearing knee pads and a back brace might be a good idea to reduce the pain of constantly bending over. You will also need a utility knife (with several replacement blades) and a claw hammer. You can cut a small slit into the carpet and then pull it up. You can also look for the seams between pieces of carpet to make it easier to pull away the larger pieces. Once the carpet and pad are removed from the floor, you still need to worry about the tack strips.

Removing the Tack Strips for Concrete Floors

You will need to use different techniques to remove tack strips from different types of floors. Most homes have wooden subfloors on the upper level and concrete on the ground floor. To remove the strips from concrete floors, you will just need a hammer. The key is to strike the side of the strip right next to the nail that secures it to the concrete. If you hit with enough force, the nail will pop right out of the ground. This will cause the concrete to chunk up, but the damage is so small that it does not matter.

Removing the Tack Strips for Wooden Floors

To remove the tack strip from wooden subfloors, you will need a few screwdrivers, in addition to the hammer. Force the screwdrivers underneath the strip (near the nails)  and then pry upward. This will pop the nail out of the floor and allow the strip to be pulled away in one piece.

All that is left to do is to sweep the floor and wait for the carpet installers. This simple job will end up saving you a fair bit of cash on the overall cost of your carpet installation. Once you see how much money you saved on the overall cost of your floors, you will be glad you put in the effort.

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