Demolishing Steel, Fiberglass, Or Concrete Septic Tanks

Posted on: 22 December 2015

When you build a house away from municipal sewer lines, you will not have access to a city's water treatment station, so you have to deal with your own waste water. The most common setup for doing this is to attach a septic tank to your home. Over time, a septic tank can wear out and need to be replaced. If you move into an older home or you have lived in your home long enough to reach the end of your septic tank's service life, you need to abandon the old tank and install a new one. For safety reasons, it is best to demolish the old one, and how you demolish the tank will depend on what material it is made from. 

Steel Septic Tanks

A steel septic tank can rust over time, and when it does, the cover will no longer be safe, so the tank can collapse. Another concern is that the walls of the tank can rust, and the tank can leak. You will need to pump any sludge and/or water that is left in the tank out. You can then remove the tank, crush it, place it back in its hole, and bury it. Another option is to remove and crush the old steel tank, wait for a new concrete tank to be placed in the same hole, then place the old tank on its side next to the new tank. Placing the new septic tank in the same hole as the old tank will simplify plumbing connections. 

Concrete Septic Tanks

The most common way to deal with a concrete septic tank is to pump it out, crush the lid, then fill it in where it sits. The biggest dangers with an old tank is that the roof will collapse or that methane gas will build up inside and create an explosion hazard. Pumping out the old tank then collapsing the roof will eliminate both problems. 

Fiberglass Septic Tanks

Fiberglass septic tanks are a newer addition to the septic tank lineup than concrete and steel tanks. They can be removed and crushed in much the same way that you deal with a steel septic tank. You could then have the remains of the tank hauled away or bury the remains in the same hole as your new tank. 

Demolishing a septic tank that has fallen into disrepair is important. Simply leaving the tank in place can create safety hazards. Rather than risk harm to yourself, your pets, your family, or your property, call in demolition experts to properly dispose of your old tank. 


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