Hard Water – The Damage Goes Beyond Your Home

Posted on: 12 January 2016

Hard water can cause numerous problems in your home's plumbing system and the appliances that use water. Did you know that the damage caused by hard water extends beyond your house? Hard water can actually contribute to problems with your skin, discolor your dentures and destroy your clothes.

Skin Problems

The hard water that creates a film on your shower walls also creates a film on your skin. When you wash with water that isn't properly softened, the minerals in the water will prevent your favorite cleansing products from rinsing off of your skin. The combination of residue from the products and residue from the hard water can cause:

  • Acne – dirt and oil become trapped in your pores which results in pimples that don't respond to typical treatments.
  • Dry Skin – natural oils in the skin react with the minerals in the hard water which can eventually lead to itchy, inflamed, cracked skin.
  • Damaged Skin Cells – elastin and collagen are broken down by the zinc, magnesium, lead and calcium in the water expediting the aging process.
  • Eczema – the inflammation of the outer layer of skin leads to discolorations, rashes and excessively dry skin.

Note: Rinse your body and face with bottled water at the end of your shower to remove the film that the hard water is leaving behind.

Denture Damage

If you store your dentures in hard water every night, the deposits in the water will begin to stick to the dentures. This will cause them to look yellow, cause a rough coating that causes food and other particles to stick to them, and can cause them to smell bad even after a cleaning treatment.

Note: Don't store your dentures in that water. Use bottled water until your water is treated properly and no longer contains all of the contaminants that are damaging your dentures.

Clothing Damage

Clothing isn't cheap, and replacing it prematurely because you wash it in hard water will only make things more difficult for you. The deposits in your water will cause fabric to yellow, the fibers to deteriorate quickly, and can even make the clothing uncomfortable to wear.

Note: Adding white vinegar to your washing machine can help remove some of the impurities that are causing the damage to the clothing.

Don't continue living with hard water. Install a whole-house water softening system from a company like Pure Flow Water Company to remove all of the impurities that cause so much damage to yourself and your clothing.


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