3 Reasons Why Trusses Are Better Than Rafters

Posted on: 1 February 2016

A long time ago, all homes were built with roof rafters. The rafters were built to support the roof of the home, and they were almost always made on-site by a carpenter. Nowadays, this is not the case for most homes and their roofs. Instead, more and more builders are using trusses.

Trusses are designed for the same purpose but are pre-made in a factory setting and are later installed by a professional roofer. Here are three reasons why trusses are a better option for today's homes than rafters. Once you see the many benefits, you'll surely see that this is the best option for the roof that will be built on your brand new home.

1. They Arrive Pre-Made and Ready to Be Installed

You probably want your home to be built as quickly as possible, and the last thing that you probably want to wait for is for a carpenter to build your roofing rafters by hand. Luckily, this is not a concern at all if you opt for trusses. They will arrive at the construction site ready to be installed, which means that the job can be done quickly. This can help you get into your home that much more quickly.

2. They're More Affordable

You might be looking for various ways to cut costs on your building project, and opting for pre-manufactured trusses is a great way to do it. Because they are built in a factory setting, they are typically much more affordable to make than if you had to hire and pay a carpenter to build your roofing rafters from scratch. This can save you money on both materials and labor.

3. They Use Less Wood

Another added benefit of trusses that a lot of people don't know about is the fact that they actually use less wood as a result of the detailed, perfectly planned and factory-built specifications. If you are concerned about natural resources and want to ensure that there is as little lumber waste as possible during the building of your home, manufactured trusses can be the best choice.

As you can see, pre-made trusses that are built in a factory setting are the best choice for any new home. If you are trying to decide between trusses or roofing rafters that are made by a carpenter on-site, you should definitely consider these benefits and the many more than go along with choosing trusses. For more information about the benefits of trusses, contact a company like Campbell Truss Company Inc.


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