Top Signs That Your Foundation Needs To Be Repaired

Posted on: 17 March 2016

As a homeowner, you want to make sure that you are always well aware of the condition of your foundation. This way, you will be able to get the repairs completed before things get out of hand. To help you with this, you may want to take a few moments to check out the following signs of foundation trouble.

Brick Mortar Joints Are Slanting

Brick layers are very careful about keeping their mortar lines straight. They even use levels to make sure that everything is perfectly straight. Therefore, should you happen to notice that some mortar joints around your bricks are starting to slant, it could be that the foundation is moving. When the foundation starts to slant, everything above it starts to slant, too.

Doors And Windows Are Sticking

Windows and doors should be able to be opened and closed without much effort. If you find that the windows are getting stuck within the framework or the doors are catching the floor, it could very well be that the foundation of the home has shifted. You can try to fix the issue by shaving down the bottom of the door or installing a new window frame, but if the foundation continues to shift, the problem with the doors and windows will reappear.

Chimney Is Falling Apart

A failing chimney structure could be the result of old mortar. However, it could also be a problem with your foundation. So if the mortar is crumbling, the bricks are coming loose, or the chimney is starting to lean away from the interior wall, you need to hire a skilled contractor to take a look at it. You will need to promptly have any foundation problems addressed, as well as the chimney itself, as a leaning chimney can be a danger to anyone around.

Separation Between Walls, Floor, And Ceiling

A separation between walls and the floor or ceiling is a sign that the foundation is settling in an uneven manner. It is important to make sure that you are not simply filling in the cracks and forgetting about it, as the problem may continue to get worse.

With those few signs in mind, you should have no trouble determining if your home may have some foundation problems that need to be addressed. Just make sure that you are contacting a licensed contractor from a company like Basement RX to assist you with your foundation issues.


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