Add Space To Your Home Without Stress: Tips For Making Your Home Addition A Reality

Posted on: 12 May 2016

If you could use a bit more space around your home, it might be time for an addition. Deciding what to do and how to proceed may be challenging and, at times, the choices may seem overwhelming.

Start planning your home addition with the following tips:

Create a home addition wish-list.

Start your project with a thorough wish-list. Outline everything that you need and hope your addition to feature. Some other suggestions when drafting your list include the following:

  • Evaluate your needs. Determine what you need your new addition to provide and document this on your project wish-list.
  • Take plenty of pictures. Take pictures of existing spaces that you hope to change. This can serve to help you narrow-in on your own vision for your addition.
  • Draft your list. Create your list on your cell phone or keep a copy on-hand to use when shopping. This will allow you to make changes or add to it when inspiration strikes.  

Gather ideas for your addition.

Get inspired about your home addition by taking in as many ideas as you can find. Some ways to gather and organize your visions for the new space include these tips:

  • Tour homes. If you notice an open-house in your neighborhood, take a look to see what others are doing with their home spaces.
  • Look online. Check out the designs and lay-outs found online, typically offered by designers or contractors and even real estate sites.
  • Create a scrapbook. Start documenting your ideas by keeping a scrapbook of pictures, descriptions, and fabric swatches.

Talk to the experts.

Sometimes simply talking with experts can inspire you and help point you toward the best ideas for your home's addition. Furthermore, this can help you identify any potential issues and formulate your working budget.

Some experts to consult with about your home addition are as follows:

  • Contractors. Construction contractors are the best resource to address concerns about your addition. They can also provide you with estimates of initial costs for budgeting your addition.
  • Retail home improvement salespeople. These experts are on the front-lines and are likely able to provide you with valuable information pertaining to your project that proves helpful.
  • Designers. Even if an interior designer isn't something you have budgeted for, you can take advantage of their expertise through publications, television shows, and photos. Look online for additional resources from your favorite designers to garner inspiration for your project.
  • The library. Books and videos at your local library can be an invaluable resource to find materials, designs, and even contractors for your addition project. Plus, it is a free resource for residents!

Don't let plans for your new addition stress you out; use available resources to figure out a plan and budget for your project. Use these tips to help you fine-tune your home addition's design and to decide how to best use your new space. 


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