3 Tips For Preventing Post-Water Damage Illnesses

Posted on: 24 May 2016

Water damage is a common but frustrating occurrence. From burst pipes to heavy rainfall, water can build rapidly and the damage spreads quickly. It is impossible to predict the amount of destruction that will be caused when flooding occurs. Naturally, your number one priority is to protect yourself, your possessions, and the people you care about.

However, it is crucial to take steps to prevent illnesses related to water damage. Mold grows rapidly after flooding, and this immediately makes your property a hazardous space. The last thing you want is to expose yourself and your loved ones to illness or injury. Below you will find three detailed tips for reducing or preventing post-water damage illnesses.

Use Protective Gear While Cleaning

  • Eye Protection – Wear safety goggles or a full-face shield while you are cleaning or exposed to flooded areas. Mold is often allergenic, so it can cause eye irritation and other symptoms when protective gear is not worn.

  • Hand Protection – Skin-to-skin contact with mold may also cause allergic reactions. Wear disposable gloves and change them often to prevent contamination.

  • Respiratory Protection – Mold spores can cause numerous illnesses when they are inhaled. Wear a filter face piece respirator to fully avoid exposure to dangerous spores.

  • Miscellaneous Protective Clothing – When you expose yourself to flood water, wear shoes and clothing that properly cover your skin. Some examples include rubber or steel-toed boots, water-resistant long-sleeved shirts, and coveralls.

Dispose Of Absorbent Materials And Items

Porous materials are prime targets for mold growth. In some cases, items like clothing and stuffed animals may be thoroughly sanitized. However, many household or business items should be disposed of. Some examples include:

  • mattresses

  • furniture with fabric upholstery

  • carpets

  • rugs

  • books and other paper objects

If you are unsure about disposing of an object, speak with a water damage specialist first. They can tell you whether or not an item is salvageable. They may also provide the necessary restoration services for items that you cherish.

Hire A Water Damage Cleanup Service

You may feel rushed when it comes to saving your home or business from water damage. Fortunately, you can get professional assistance from a water cleanup company. Special tools and training are required to effectively remove all traces of mold and water. These professionals also have proper safety gear to ensure that they do not become ill or injured, so letting them do the job is ideal. Use a water damage cleanup service like Complete Restoration Services to assist you in handling this hazardous problem. This is truly the best solution for preventing any type of mold-related illnesses or allergic reactions.


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