Two Tips For Caring For A Commercial Boiler

Posted on: 1 June 2016

For those that are responsible for managing large apartment buildings, a boiler can be the most effective way of ensuring that the building is properly heated. Unfortunately, it can be common for individuals to make mistakes when it comes to caring for these complex devices. These errors can both compromise the performance of the boiler as well as put it at a higher risk of suffering extensive damage. Luckily, you can use these two tips to care for your building's commercial strength boiler. 

Monitor The Water Level

In order to function, a boiler must have the correct amount of water in it. Unfortunately, it can be possible for leaks to form, which can cause the water pressure to drop. If this occurs, the system may be unable to produce enough heat from the building, and it can suffer extensive damage because these devices rely on the water to absorb the heat being applied to the system. Without enough water, the internal components, such as seals and reservoir tank linings, can weaken. To minimize the risk of the system suffering this type of damage, it is important to check the water level of the boiler at least once a week. If the water level is found to be too low, it will be critical to contact a boiler repair professional to determine the source of the leak as well as to safely add water to the unit. 

Keep Any Air Vents And Flues Clear

Boilers use vents and flues to help ensure that the system is receiving sufficient air flow for the pump and burner. Unfortunately, making the mistake of overlooking the need to keep the vents clear can result in the boiler experiencing extreme wear, which can lead to essential mechanical components failing. To prevent this from occurring, you should make sure to remove any dust or debris that is accumulating around the vents at least once a month. Additionally, the flues are responsible for allowing the exhaust of oil burning boilers to escape the structure, but they can also become clogged over the course of time due to residue and ash gathering on the interior. To keep the flue clean, you will need to have it professionally cleaned each year as these professionals will have the tools needed to clean the entire length of the flue. 

Getting the most from a commercial strength boiler does not have to be a difficult or challenging task for an apartment manager to do. By making sure to check the water level as well as keeping the flue and vents clean, it will be possible to avoid some of the more common causes of problems. 


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