Use These Two Tips To Add Some Charm To Your Landscaping

Posted on: 24 July 2016

A well landscaped yard has manicured bushes, mowed lawn, colorful flowers, trees, and shrubs. If these things are all maintained, they will make your home look beautiful. You can go beyond these things to make your yard look even better. Below are two ways you can add some charm to your landscaping.

Use Decorative Rocks

Decorative rocks can be used in your landscaping in many different ways. You could lay the rocks over the mulch in your flower garden to add a decorative element to your garden. If you do not use mulch, you can use only the rocks as mulch.

Use larger rocks as a stepping stone path going to a door or another area of your yard. Surround the stepping stones with smaller pebbles with a color that complements the color of the stepping stones.

These are just some of the ways you can use decorative rocks in your landscaping. If you have different sized decorative rocks, the ideas are endless.

Use Water Fountains

Water fountains are relaxing as you sit back and listen to the sound of running water. No matter if you choose a large or a small water fountain, it will add charm to your landscaping. When you start shopping for water fountains you will find different types such as:


A spouting fountain works well when placed in a pond or even a swimming pool, as well as any area of your landscaping. With this type of water fountain, water sprays up into the air through a pipe. You can find these water fountains that look like a statue. For example, you may have a frog and the water will spout out of its mouth.


If you have a small yard, a wall fountain would work well for you as it does not take up very much space when compared to other types of water fountains. There are freestanding wall fountains that feature a flat back with a basin attached to it. You can place the fountain flush against a wall or a fence. There are also self-contained wall fountains that you hang directly on the wall.


With a cascading water fountain, a decorative vessel holds the water. Tubing or hoses spray the water up into the air. The water is then pumped at the top of the tubing or hoses and then the water cascades down tiers of rocks or cups. If you do not want to buy a cascading water fountain, you can make one yourself.  

If you need help with this or want to learn of other ways you can add charm to your landscaping, contact a landscape contractor to help you. Contact a business, such as A & A Materials, for more information. 


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