Everything In Its Place — 6 Keys To Location In Your Kitchen Remodel Layout

Posted on: 16 September 2016

Planning a kitchen remodel gives homeowners a unique opportunity to correct things in the layout that make kitchen activities harder. But, if you've never designed a kitchen, how can you know how to make it work the best? Here's a handy guide to 6 keys to putting everything in the right location.

Know the Triangle. Kitchen design generally starts with what's known as the "work triangle"—the sink, stove/range, and refrigerator. These three vital cooking elements should be the most carefully thought-out part of your early designs. Place them in a sort of triangle shape where each is a point. Avoid obstructing this triangle, such as by placing islands or counters inside it. Make the triangle compact so you aren't running around the kitchen while cooking.

Measure Swing Doors. When deciding where to place everything, make sure you measure out space for opening doors without banging or obstructing traffic. This includes all cabinets, the refrigerator, the dishwasher, entry and exit doors, the pantry, island drawers, and slide-out shelving. 

Divert Traffic. As much as possible, plan for foot traffic to lead away from the main cooking areas. Position doorways so that their natural paths don't cross the work triangle or lead down the main cooking aisle. If you design a galley kitchen, for example, make the aisle wide enough that through traffic passes easily behind the cook. Get rid of unnecessary doors to cut down on pass-through traffic. And consider placing snacks or coffee stations on the outside of the main work areas.

Mind the Garbage. Garbage and recycling are often afterthoughts in kitchen design, which leads to poor placement. Avoid placing the garbage under the sink, as this will make it a bit of a dance to try to use it while using the sink. Work with your contractor to create a special, hidden location near the work triangle to house both the trash and the recycling.

Keep Food Together. When designing your pantry, try to keep it close to the other food storage location in your kitchen—the refrigerator. Pairing these items will help you be more efficient from the moment you come home from the market to the moment you finish preparing a meal with those ingredients.

Keep the Fridge Cool. Speaking of the refrigerator, keep in mind that this appliance wants to be cold. Placing it next to the heater, vents, windows, or the oven can waste energy from overworking either item... or both. 

If you are unsure about the placement of any kitchen element, be certain to talk with your home remodel contractor about any questions or concerns. By knowing where to put things in your kitchen design, you can turn an ordinary kitchen into the work space of your dreams. 


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