Replace A Shattered Glass Pane In A French Door Leading To Your Home's Balcony

Posted on: 21 February 2017

If a sharp object accidentally shattered one of the glass panes that are in the French door leading out to your home's balcony, remove the damaged glass, clean the frame, and install a new pane in the door's frame by completing the steps below. Once finished, the door can be opened and closed in a normal manner and its appearance will be restored.

Supplies Needed

  • broom
  • dust pan
  • work gloves
  • small hammer
  • thin scrub brush (stiff bristles)
  • all-purpose cleaning agent
  • pry bar
  • lint-free cloth
  • measuring tape
  • glass pane
  • wood chisel
  • tube of glazing compound
  • caulk gun
  • putty knife
  • damp sponge

Remove Shards Of Glass And Clean The Frame

Use a broom to sweep up glass pieces that fell onto the floor. Place a tarp on the balcony's surface. Go indoors and close the French door. Put on a pair of work gloves before pulling pieces of glass from the frame that surrounds the pane that has shattered. If you have difficulty pulling glass from the frame, strike it out with a small hammer. Once the glass has loosened from the frame, it will fall onto the balcony.

Use an all purpose-cleaning agent and a thin scrub brush to clean the frame's interior. Insert the tip of a pry bar underneath each glazing point that is located around the frame in order to loosen and remove all of the them. Dry the frame's interior with a lint-free cloth.

Install The New Pane And Glazing Points

After measuring the frame's sides, purchase a glass pane that is the appropriate size. Place the pane inside of the frame and press one of your hands against the glass so that it doesn't move. Use the tip of a wood chisel to push the glazing points into the sides of the frame. Make sure that the points are evenly spaced apart so that they provide the glass pane with plenty of support. The points will prevent the pane from falling out of the frame.

Use a caulk gun to apply a thin, even line of glazing compound along the interior of the frame. Push the compound deep into the frame with the tip of a putty knife. If too much compound is accidentally applied to the frame, use a damp sponge to remove it. Wait for the compound to dry before opening the french door. Sweep up any glass pieces that fell onto the balcony and dispose of them. 

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