Knowing When To Remove Your Maple Tree

Posted on: 14 July 2017

Mature trees can add beauty and shade to your home's landscape. When these trees become infested with pests, they can quickly transform from an asset to a hazard. If you have a maple tree in your yard, knowing when to remove the tree due to pest damage can be challenging.

Here are three simple tips that you can use to help determine when and if it's time to call a tree removal service.

1. Look for evidence of scale insects.

Scale insects target maple trees for nutrition. These types of insects feed off the branches of the tree, causing the branches and leaves to die off. To determine if you have scale insects, you should check the surface of your maple tree's branches. If you see small, white insects crawling along the surface of the branches, this is evidence of a scale infestation.

Although maple trees can support a small scale insect population without issue, infestations can lead to irreparable damage that leave your tree susceptible to broken limbs. Consider removing your maple tree if scale insects are becoming an issue.

2. Inspect leaves for damage.

Another simple way to check your maple tree for signs of pest damage is by inspecting the condition of the tree's leaves. Healthy leaves should be vibrant in color and have an intact border.

If you notice that a lot of your tree's leaves show signs of physical damage (like missing chunks or bite marks), this could be a sign that moths or beetles are using your tree as a source of nutrition. If these pests continue to feed over an extended period of time, your tree's structure could be damaged. This will cause the tree to become a safety hazard, requiring that it be removed from your landscape.

3. Check your tree's bark for holes.

When trying to determine if pests are damaging your maple tree, it can be useful to look at the bark running along the tree's trunk. If you see a series of small holes in the bark, this is indicative of a clearwing borer infestation.

If populations are left unchecked, clearwing borers can kill a mature maple tree. The damage these pests cause when boring into your tree looking for nutrition can leave your maple weak and vulnerable to breakage. The tree may need to be removed if the infestation cannot be controlled.

Working with a professional arborist when you see evidence of pests plaguing your maple tree will help you determine when it's time to have the tree removed from your home's landscape.


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