Potential Causes Of Your Water Well Pump Failing

Posted on: 29 August 2017

If you ever find that your water well pump is failing to provide you with enough water, there are a number of reasons that could be causing these issues. Having an awareness of these potential problems can help you with addressing these issues as quickly as you possibly can so that water is restored to your home:

Faulty Pressure Switches

To provide your home with water, these pump systems will have a storage container that will hold water until your home requires it. This helps ensure that water is delivered quickly without you having to wait for the water to be pumped out of the ground. To determine when more water needs to be added to this storage tank, your system will have a pressure switch that will activate the pump when the water level gets low. If this pressure switch is failing, the system's storage tank will likely run out of water. Fortunately, replacing this faulty component is a very affordable repair to make to your well pump.

Excessive Mineral Concentrations

Another potential source of problems for a well pump will be water that has extremely high concentrations of minerals. These minerals can clog the tubing of the well system, and they can jam the moving parts of the pump. In order to minimize these problems, it will be necessary to install a filtration system that will remove these minerals before they enter the pump. To determine whether this upgrade is necessary for your system, you will need to have a water test performed so that you know the exact levels of the minerals that are in the water coming into your home. If your system has already developed a mineral clog, you will need to have the system professionally serviced as these accumulations will need to be dissolved to be removed.

Failed Seals

The seals that are found throughout the interior of the pump are necessary for preventing leaks from occurring. When a seal encounters problems and fails, it could contribute to substantial amounts of water leaking out of the system. Depending on the location of these leaks, they may prevent the storage tank from filling or the water from reaching your home. Identifying the particular seal that has failed can be rather difficult, and the remaining seals will also need to be inspected to ensure that this problem does not arise in other parts of the system. For these reasons, you will need to leave this repair to a well pump professional as they have the tools and experience to quickly identify the source of this issue.

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