Neglecting Your Driveway? 3 Reasons You Should Have It Seal Coated

Posted on: 25 September 2017

Now that summer is officially over, and winter is just around the corner, it's time to take care of a bit of driveway maintenance. Your driveway takes a beating all year long, but the brunt of it comes during the winter and the summer. Those are the seasons when extreme heat and extreme cold make a beeline for your pavement. If you're not careful, both extremes can destroy your pavement. Take a look at just three of the reasons why your driveway needs to be seal coated:

Saves Money in the Long Run

If you don't take proper care of your driveway now, you'll pay dearly for it later. The payment will come in the form of repair and replacement costs. You see, the longer you delay protecting your driveway with seal coating, the more damage will be done. Unfortunately, those small cracks that develop during the winter and summer, will turn into larger cracks, chips, and potholes. Sealcoating your driveway once a year is a lot less expensive than replacing an entire driveway.

Creates a Barrier Against the Cold

If you live in the mountains or other areas that experience extreme cold during the winter, you need seal coating. Your driveway is strong, but it's not strong enough to protect itself from freezing rain, snow, and hail; not to mention the snow chains you might be using this winter. Give your driveway a fighting chance this winter by applying fresh seal coating before all that nasty weather arrives.

Makes it Look Better

If you're planning on selling your home this next spring, now's the time to start prepping it for a quick sell. Your driveway will be one of the first things that prospective buyers see when they pull up to the house with their real estate agent. You never get a second chance to make that great first impression. Impress those prospective buyers with a well-kept driveway. A fresh application of seal coating will make your driveway look presentable, which will encourage prospective buyers to take a closer look at your home. Not only that, but it will cover all those unsightly car fluid stains that might be present right now.

Don't overlook your driveway. Now that the weather is changing, use this time to get your driveway ready with a fresh application of seal coating. It will save you money, protect your driveway from damage, and make your home look nicer.


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