Troubleshooting A Burner That Won't Heat Up

Posted on: 25 October 2017

Having access to a functional stove gives you the opportunity to create meals for your family. Utilizing the burners on your electric stove, you can control the amount of heat generated as you cook various dishes. When a burner suddenly stops heating up, it's important to address the problem quickly in order to restore full functionality to your stove once again.

Here are three tips that you can use to help troubleshoot a burner that won't heat up in the future:

1. Swap out the burner.

If the burner on your electric stove suddenly stops generating heat, the problem might be a faulty burner. Before you invest in the replacement of the burner itself, you need to ensure that a faulty burner is actually the cause of your non-heating problems.

Unplug the burner and replace it with another one from your stove that you know works. If the new burner heats up once it has been plugged into the problem burner's spot, then you know that you need a new burner in order to restore functionality to your stove once again.

2. Test the switch for proper power.

In order to control the heat level produced by a stove's burner, you utilize a knob that is connected to an electrical switch. If the switch burns out, then you will notice that the burner connected to that switch is no longer heating properly.

You can easily determine if a faulty switch is to blame for your non-heating problems by using a multimeter to see if the switch is generating power. If the multimeter shows no spike in electrical current when connected to the switch, replace your stove's switch in order to restore your stove's ability to heat up properly in the future.

3. Examine the quality of the socket.

The burners on an electric stove are plugged into a socket that helps relay the electrical current produced by the switch in order to regulate heat output. If the socket begins to fail, then your burner will not heat up properly.

You can check the quality of your stove's socket by removing the problem burner and looking for signs of charring on the burner's prongs or inside the socket. Replacing a faulty socket will help you address your non-heating problems to ensure your stove functions properly.

Being able to troubleshoot a burner that won't heat up allows you to ensure you always have access to a functional electric stove in the future. Contact a company that carries replacement appliance parts for more information. 


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