Ceramic Tiles Vs. Wood Shingles

Posted on: 13 February 2018

If you want to invest in your home, the roof is a great place to begin. That is, you might need roof repair because of structural issues, leaking, or you just might want to give your home a facelift. There are a number of stylish roofing products on the market and they all come with different price tags, maintenance needs, lifespans, and installation costs. This article compares wood shingles and ceramic tiles. These are two of the most popular products that are commonly installed on residential properties.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are extremely practical for residential roofs. Most ceramic products are made out of clay and synthetic materials. They have a waterproof exterior finish that makes them extremely practical and easy to own. That is, ceramic products are usually very low maintenance. You don't have to worry about water damage, they are very easy to clean, and they never need to be finished or sealed. In fact, you can install a ceramic tile, never do any maintenance over the years, and it could easily last over 50 years.

Ceramic tile are also very popular because they are made to be lightweight yet energy efficient. They come in various thicknesses so they can withstand temperatures and weather conditions in any climate. There are also rounded tiles with extremely popular because they can add a new style dynamic to the roof. When all of these round products are installed, the roof has natural shapes and channels that look great.

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles are another popular roofing product. They have been used on all types of buildings, all over the world, for centuries. Wood is not as long lasting as ceramic, but it looks great and performs well. Homeowners also appreciate the fact that it is so cheap and easy to install. In fact, wood is one of the easiest roofing product to install, making it popular for DIYers. Many homeowners are going to choose wood shingles for the style, knowing that they won't last quite as long. But, with the low price and easy repair, they remain a popular choice.

It is easy to see why ceramic tiles and wood shingles are both such a popular choice for homeowners.  In the end, there is no right or wrong choice. If you are willing to undertake a little bit of maintenance over the years, wooden shingles can be great. However, if you are unwilling to take on any maintenance at all, you should shop for ceramic tiles.


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