How Roofing Contractors Can Add Value To Your Home

Posted on: 25 March 2018

The roof is one of the first places a potential home buyer will look. Its prominence makes it a feature that is hard to ignore. When it's almost time to put a house on the market, homeowners usually think about issues like repainting the walls and various other improvements. The roof quite often goes unnoticed. However, working on the roof might be one of the most important steps in ensuring your house gets a better price on the market and also avoids unnecessary problems with building inspectors. There are a few ways that a roof upgrade will improve the value of your home.

Appearance Upgrade

Appearance may not mean much to you, but to many potential homeowners it's the most important factor when making a purchase. Many homeowners are keen to give the right impression to neighbors and visitors. The roof, as one of the more prominent features of the house, is a big part of that statement. How good your roof looks can quickly raise or lower the value of your home regardless of its condition. Roofing styles, materials, and color are an important part of that statement. But so is cleanliness. Hire a roof cleaning contractor before selling, and consider setting aside some money to clear up any other known roofing issues, such as missing tiles or leaks.

Longer Warranty

Warranties on modern shingles can be as long as 50 years. A long warranty on the roof is something that will appeal to almost any homeowner since it assures the homeowner that he or she shouldn't have to worry about the roof for decades to come. With this in mind, it's easy to raise the value of your home with a new roof.

Energy Savings

Many modern roofs are designed with energy savings in mind and some shingles even have an ENERGY STAR rating. Such roofs can greatly reduce the amount of energy that is spent on keeping the house cool during summer. A roof that saves energy will likely raise the value of a house.

Buyer Confidence

A house with a good roof gives potential buyers the impression that the house is well taken care of. This is important because there are many aspects of a house that the buyer may not be able to inspect. Therefore, he or she may look at the state of everything else to give an idea of how well you've been taking care of the parts of the house that he or she can't see. Reach out to a roof cleaning contractor today and start working towards improving the value of your house before you put it out on the market.

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