Adding A Patio To Your Home

Posted on: 22 September 2018

A patio can greatly increase the enjoyment that you get from spending time outside. However, many homeowners will have to go through the process of adding a patio if they are wanting to enjoy this amenity.

Choose A Shaded Location For The Patio

When you are evaluating the potential areas where the to put the patio, it can be beneficial to choose the area that has the most shade. If the patio is located in an area that receives intense sunlight at all times, you will face the choice of either getting potentially damaging amounts of sun exposure or needing to add an awning or another type of cover to provide shade. By locating the patio under large trees or other shaded areas, you can reduce this need.

Opt For A Synthetic Wood Material

The amount of maintenance that the patio will require will be directly related to the materials that are used in it. Natural wood is typically one of the most popular materials to use in the construction of decks. However, wood will be one of the most maintenance intensive options. Luckily, homeowners can opt for synthetic wood for their patio. These materials will not be prone to suffering rot, and it is possible for this synthetic wood to be made of metal so that it may be much stronger than natural wood.

Prevent Erosion Around The Patio

After a patio is installed, there may be a need to monitor the soil around it to make sure that it is not eroding. The addition of the patio will alter the dynamics of your property's drainage, and this may lead to erosion increases for some types of soil. If the rate of erosion starts to increase, mitigation steps will have to be taken. Otherwise, the soil could erode from under the patio, and this may put it at risk of suffering a structural failure. Soil grouting can be a discrete way of reinforcing the soil so that it will be less prone to eroding during periods of heavy rain.

Install Drain Tiles In The Patio

If your patio is designed to avoid gaps between the planks or sections, it could be prone to water accumulating on it. While these accumulations will not pose an immediate threat to synthetic wood patios, they will make it less enjoyable to use. Drain tiles will provide a path for this water so that you can avoid the need to dodge water puddles when using the patio after it has rained.

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