2 Signs You Have Water Leaking Out Of Your Swimming Pool

Posted on: 29 April 2019

If you have a swimming pool on your home's property, you may have noticed lately that you are having to refill it frequently, leading you to believe you may have a leak somewhere. If so, look for the following signs that you have water leaking out of your swimming pool.

1.  Unusually Green and Lush Grass in One Area

Besides having to replace the water every couple of days, one of the first signs that may tip you off to a possible leak can be found in the area surrounding your swimming pool. If you notice that one spot of grass is unusually green and lush, there is a good possibility that water is constantly seeping into the area from the pool.

When you notice an area that is greener, refrain from using the pool for a couple of days and wait until the weather has been dry. Then, walk around on the grass to see if the ground is soggy. If so, this means you have a leak somewhere that is feeding the area with water.

2.  Drastic Color Changes in the Pool's Water

Another indicator that you have water leaking out of your swimming pool is a drastic change in the color of its water. You may notice that the water has become cloudy or has a bright greenish tint to it.

When water leaks out of a swimming pool, it changes the ratio between it and the chemicals you use to clean the water and maintain its pH level. Because the water level becomes low, the concentration of chemicals becomes higher, which can give the water a cloudy look.

Then, when you have to keep adding water to maintain its level, the concentration of chemicals decreases, leaving the water vulnerable to algae and bacterial growth. Even if you check the chemical and pH levels of the water each time you refill the pool, it can be hard to get an accurate reading. Until you have the leak fixed so that the water level is constant, you will continue to have this issue.

Even if you determine that you do have a water leak in your swimming pool, you may not be able to tell if it is coming from the pump or the lining of the pool itself. Contact a company like Heritage Pool Plastering, Inc. that offers pool repair services to have them inspect both the pump and lining so that they can take the necessary actions to fix it.


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