2 Signs Your Home's Water Heater Has Excess Sediment

Posted on: 17 July 2019

Whether you have a gas or electric water heater, you depend on it to provide hot water for your house. Over time, as the water is heated inside of the tank, sediment in the water separates and builds up inside of your tank. When this happens, the appliance needs to be flushed out by a professional to keep the sediment from building up and corroding the interior of the tank. If you are unsure of whether this needs to be done, look for the following signs that your home's water heater has excess sediment.

1.  Popping Noises While the Water Heater's Burner Is On

Normally, when your water heater's burner is on, you may only hear a slight rumbling or an occasional pop. These noises are typical of the sounds that you hear as cold water is rapidly heated.

However, if you hear constant popping noises that resemble the sound of popcorn cooking coming from the tank, there is most likely a lot of sediment mixed in with the water. Because of its wait, sediment sinks to the bottom of the tank.

As the water heats up and rolls through the accumulated sediment, the expansion causes the popping noises when the water is forced through it. Eventually, if the sediment is not flushed out, it has the potential to take up so much room as to clog up the tank.

2.  Sediment Is Present in the Water Coming Out of Your Faucets

Another sign that your water heater's tank is filled with excess sediment can be seen by doing a simple test with a clear water glass. Especially if a large amount of sediment has accumulated inside of the tank. it will eventually make its way through the pipes and come out through your home's faucets.

To perform the test, simply fill the glass with water, and set it in direct sunlight or in front of a flashlight. Allow the water to settle for about five minutes, then look through the glass. If there is sediment, you will not only see it floating in the water, but you may also see it settling at the bottom of the glass.  

If you notice the above signs, your water heater has too much sediment within the tank and should be looked at and flushed by a professional. Contact a water heater repair service to have them inspect the tank and take the necessary steps to clean it out.


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