Deciding What Type Of Commercial Chain Link Fencing To Buy

Posted on: 14 November 2019

Security is a concern that constantly lingers in business owners' minds. Your business is your livelihood and investment, so naturally you want to protect it from people with bad intentions. A high tech security system can give you some additional peace of mind, but there's no substitute for physical barriers. Physical barriers inform people of restricted areas and keep out all but the most determined thieves. A fence can protect your business by keeping trespassers away. Here two things you should do when you're ready to have a fence installed around your business.

Determine the height of your chain link fence.

Chain link fences come in various sizes, and you will have to select a size before going any further in the fence installation process. In general, you can choose a chain link fence that is anywhere from three feet to twelve feet tall, although most people find that a 6 foot fence suits their needs perfectly. Shorter fences are great for dog boarding facilities who aim to keep pets in an enclosed area but don't need to worry about keeping humans out. Very tall fences are a good option in cases where security is of the utmost importance. You can have additional security measures, such as barbed wire, installed atop fences if security is a big concern.

Decide if you want a vinyl-coated chain link fence.

Chain link fences are made from galvanized steel, but you can choose to purchase chain link fencing that has been coated in vinyl. A vinyl coating offers several benefits. Vinyl is a type of plastic that can come in various colors. If you want your chain link fence to be less visible for aesthetic reasons, you can choose a vinyl coating that's colored to match the area that will surround your fence. Some people choose green vinyl coatings for areas covered in vegetation or white vinyl coatings to match white building exteriors. A vinyl coating can also inhibit rust formation, which can be unsightly on chain link fences.

When you're ready to have your commercial chain link fencing installed, get in touch with a fence contractor. After discussing your needs and goals, your fence contractor can source all the necessary materials for your brand new fence. They can expertly install your fence by digging holes for your fence posts and attaching the chain link fencing appropriately. They can also install any gates you may require to make entry and exit hassle-free.

For more information about commercial chain link fencing, contact a local resource.


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