The Dangers That Snow Can Pose For Your Roof

Posted on: 20 December 2019

Snow can lead to a lot of damage on your roof. This is why many roofers recommend that you remove snow from your roof in a timely manner, or install a roof heating system to heat and melt the ice. Here are a few of the dangers that snow can pose to your roof. 

Potential for an Ice Dam to Form

One of the dangers that snow can pose for your roof is increasing the odds of an ice dam forming on your roof. Snow decreases the temperature on your roof, which allows water to turn to ice. An ice dam can damage many different types of roofing materials, including asphalt shingles and rubber roofing. An ice dam can also damage your eaves and gutters. Removing snow will not prevent every ice dam from forming, but it does reduce the risk for the potential of one forming on your roof. 

Water Damage

Another danger that snow can pose for your roof is water damage. Snow will eventually melt. Snow does not melt evenly, so you may have some water from where snow melted and some packs of snow blocking the flow of water off of the roof. Sitting water is a danger to roofs, as that sitting water may seep in through your roof and lead to a leak. Sitting water can also cause algae to form on a roof, which can be damaging to shingle and wood roofs. 

Weight Damage

The final types of danger that snow can pose for your roof is weight damage. Snow that builds up on a roof can become heavy. The trusses of roofs are only built to support the average weight of the roofing material you have on your roof. Too much weight can cause the trusses to break or can cause your roof to cave in and collapse. Both of these issues can be extremely costly to repair. 

Snow can be damaging to your roof. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of damage occurring, such as removing snow or using ice melts on your roof. If you have not taken these steps and there is a large amount of snow on your roof or damage has occurred, you will want to call in a roof repair company, like the one represented at They can work to safely remove a large amount of snow from your roof and/or repair any damage that the snow may have caused. 


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