Exterior Waterproofing Inspections For Exterior Repairs And Renovations

Posted on: 15 July 2020

The exterior of your foundation needs to be maintained, and may eventually need waterproofing work done. This is due to old foundation drainage and waterproofing systems that fail and need repairs or replacement. Before you call for help with waterproofing problems, inspect your home for issues that need to be addressed. Here is some information that will help you with the inspection of your foundation waterproofing to determine what solutions are needed to stop leaks.

Look for Obvious Signs of Foundation Damage

There are some signs of foundation damage that could be obvious. The problems could be visible as the house settles, and you may notice damage like cracks in foundation walls. When there is structural damage to your foundation, this can also cause problems with the waterproofing and may allow water to get into your home.  

Test Foundation Drain Systems for Issues

The foundation drain lines (French drain systems) are an important part of the complete waterproofing design for your home. These systems help to divert water that filters through the soil at the foundation. Test the lines to make sure they are draining properly and do not need to be unclogged or repaired. Clogged foundation drainage systems can cause serious problems and waterproofing failures.  

Check Foundation Interior for Signs of Leaks

The interior of your foundation could be showing signs of a serious problem. This problem could be due to issues with waterproofing and drainage systems outside. Therefore, it is important to inspect the interior of your foundation for leaks. These are some of the signs of leaks on the inside of the foundation:

  • Water trickling in on foundation walls 
  • Signs of moisture or damp spots on walls 
  • Visible watermarks and dry mineral build-up 

These are the signs of leaks that you may see on the interior of your foundation, which will need to be repaired.  

Evaluate the Condition of Foundation Sealants

The foundation waterproofing system has several components, which include an asphalt-based sealant on holder homes. These sealants can dry, crack, and wear over time. Therefore, you want to check the condition of the sealant that was used to waterproof your foundation. If you notice problems with cracking and drying, it may be time to have it replaced or have repairs done in the worst areas.  

The exterior waterproofing can sometimes temporarily be patched to stop leaks, but more extensive repairs will eventually be needed. Contact an exterior waterproofing service to talk to them about the solutions that are needed to renovate your drainage and waterproofing systems.  


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